Life Management

Does Islam allow Muslims in a Muslim-majority country to elect a non-Muslim as governor?

The answer to your question is that in Islam there is no absolute model for political rule. The Islamic form of government depends upon the circumstances. Government, according to Islam, will be decided by the circumstances. According to Islam, political form is not a part of belief. It is the prevailing situation that will determine the type of political form that has to be adopted. 

I am a Muslim who believes in Islam. I cannot follow the teachings of Islam such as praying five times a day. Also during fasting I get distracted into watching TV. How should I follow the teachings of Islam as required of me?

You must change your habit of getting distracted into things such as watching TV. It is very much in your power to save yourself from distractions. No other person can help you to get over your distractions. It is all about taking a firm decision to get rid of your distractions.

There is growing communalism so please advise how can we curb Hatred and Antagonism between communities?

''All kinds of communalism is a pheonmenon of reaction. Advise people not to react, thus communalism will automatically disappear. The fact is that difference is part of human life. One cannot eliminate differences. If we see some difference or something that we dislike,we should simply avoid it. This is the only option for us in such matters. Adopt the culture of tolerance, and there will be no communalism.''

What is Islamic view on Miserliness?

Miserliness is a relative term. If one pays all of his monetary dues according to Islam, and at the same time he leads a very simple life, then this is a case of simple of living and not a case of miserliness. But, if one fails to pay his monetary dues and at the same times he lives as a miser, then this kind of behaviour is unwanted in Islam. It is selfishness, and selfishness, according to Islam, is an evil behaviour.

How can we deal with the problems of daily life?

The only way to deal with the irksome side of daily living is to exercise patience. Patience will ensure that whenever one has some bitter experience, he will opt for the way of tolerance rather than that of reaction to provocation. It will enable one to absorb shocks and to continue, undeterred, on one’s onward journey.

How can we stop someone who plans to harm us?

This is a hypothetical question. No one plans just like that. Often people only report half the story. It is only upon provocation and incitement that retaliation is borne. Even animals do not attack without provocation. If you make the other person angry, he may react so you should ensure that you refrain from arousing anger.

What is the right way to utilise money?

Speaking Tree| TOI | April 2, 2011


Spend a part of your money for your material needs and spend the rest for spiritual uplift. Use it for acquiring knowledge. Money is a great asset. It is not meant just for fulfilling desires; Put it to better use. Spend it for a higher cause. Manage your desires and then you will find you have enough money to achieve higher goals.

If we do not aspire for the ideal where will motivation come from?

Speaking Tree | TOI | May 8, 2011

Try to achieve the ideal but, at the same time, be prepared to accept the practical. The ideal should be your goal. But one has to deal with all sorts of people and keep social realities in mind. Non-acceptance of it is bound to lead to disaster.

Is silent acknowledgement enough or do we need to verbally thank people?

Speaking Tree | TOI | May 8, 2011

Silent acknowledgement has no meaning. If you receive a favour from someone, you need to acknowledge it verbally. If you don’t do that you will be seen as lacking in noble sentiments. Acknowledgement is not just a matter of the heart, it must be communicated verbally.