In India, numerous human rights activists fight for justice and the right denied or deprived to others. However, we seldom find a person or organisation engaged in human duty activism. It has created a society that is rights-conscious as different from one that is duty-conscious. A rights-conscious person only knows his/her own needs, whereas a duty-conscious person thinks about the needs of society. That is why crimes flourish in a rights-conscious society, whereas crimes are kept in check in a duty-conscious society.

Perform your duties, and you will automatically receive all the things you want. When you perform your duty, you become deserving of obtaining your rights.

Mahatma Gandhi gave the guiding principle for nation-building in these words: Duty before Right. It is not merely a Gandhian formula. Instead, it is a historically tested formula applicable to every country.

The best society is a duty-conscious society. The worst society is a right-conscious society. It is a universal principle, and there is no exception. Enjoying one’s rights does not happen simply by demanding them. Instead, obtaining one’s rights is an outcome of hard work. If you demand or protest for your rights, your efforts will be in vain because there is no one to hear your protest and fulfil them. In such a situation, demanding your rights is bound to be useless. Complaining or protesting for your rights is like crying in a desert where there is no one to hear your voice.




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