Art of Life Management
The art of life management requires understanding oneself (knowing one’s capabilities and nature) and becoming aware of others’ nature, and the world one lives in. It will really help one plan life and improve as and when required. The concept of simple living and high thinking is relevant in every aspect of life. It applies to one’s personal life to family life, social life, religious life, national life and professional life. It is the best art of living. All of us need to manage our lives. The art of life management is every person’s need. Based on experience, one can say that simple living and high thinking are the ABCD of the art of living and life management. Without adopting this principle, one cannot manage one’s life successfully. Here are ten references from the Quran and Hadith that may be considered universal principles suitable for every man and woman, irrespective of religion and culture. They are formulae for life or art of life management: Mutual Respect, Reconciliation and Adjustment, Peace, Practical Wisdom, Positive Response, Modesty, Result-oriented Action, Friendly Behaviour, Unilateral Good Character and Universal Brotherhood.

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