Creation Plan of God

I always had this instinct that i don't want to be an earning animal. I get calls for jobs but i dont go for interviews as I feel it is not going to benefit me in the hereafter. Please advise what should I do?

This kind of thinking is unnatural, and also un-Islamic. It is everyone's natural need to earn so that he can fulfil his basic necessities. It is the lawful requirement of every human being. Even the Prophets earned to fulfil their need. For reference, please see Hadith No. 2073 in Sahih al-Bukhari
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Is the Law of Attraction a real phenomenon. Please explain it in reference to the two Quranic verses. (42:30) and (57:22).

Law of attraction is a totally speculative concept and has no scientific basis. Although some people believe in this law in the present times, but there is no scientific basis to the law of attraction. 

Why it is difficult for us to accept our limitations?

Speaking Tree | TOI | October 31, 2010 

A. It is because we do not apply our mind and are only guided by emotions. If you apply reason and adopt a rational approach, you are more likely to accept your limitations. Reason will never allow you to ignore limitations.

What is the Relevance of Death according to Islam?

Death will overtake everybody; no one can escape from it. But death is not the same for everyone. Some have made God their goal in life; they speak and keep silence for His sake alone; their attention is focused entirely on the after-life. Death is for them the end of a long terrestrial journey towards their Lord.

Others have forgotten their Lord; they do not do things for God’s sake; they are traveling away from their Lord. They are like rebels who roam at large for a few days, and then death seizes them and brings them to justice.

Can material gain be enough for a purposeful life?

When a person works, makes money, builds a house, makes an effort to improve his standard of living, he appears to be engaged in efforts towards some worthy end. But a life of this nature cannot be called a purposeful life, for these activities do not demonstrate man’s unique status. It might seem as if they are the result of deliberation, but if one looks at the matter in depth, one will see that in actual fact the motive force behind these actions is the same urge that motivates an animal in various ways, in its concern for its own survival.

Everything happens by God’s will, why does he not then stop bad deeds?

Man is free. He enjoys total freedom. Your personal experience is enough to make you understand this fact. You must have experienced the feeling everyday that you are free to do anything. According to Islam, both reward and punishment depend upon one's own intentions. When one kills another person, he does this by intention, and due to this intention one is responsible for his deed. 

If I have discovered the truth, will I never be frustrated?

As per my experience, discovery of truth leaves no room for frustration. This is because man remains tensed because of matters of the world. But if he finds the truth which next to God is truth, his relation with God is established and then he starts receiving divine succor and inspiration. It is important to note that this is not applicable for self-proclaimed truth. Only that which is truth next to God is what attaches you to God.

What are the signs that a person loves God and that God loves a person?

There is no objective criterion for this. The journey begins when man finds out that his sole concern is God. The Quran gives the criterion to discern between those who would be rewarded in the hereafter and those who would not be.

The first criterion pertains to one who would become deserving of punishment in the hereafter. The Quran says for such a person

He used to be happy with his own people. (84:13)

According to this criterion, those who earned and exhausted their resources on their family did not discover God! They could not think beyond their kith and kin.

In the context of a person who did not work through life and lived penurious life, can it be said that his test is in hard times?

Test means that man is free to perform or not perform an action. His success and failure is determined by use or misuse of freedom. And the test paper is commensurate to man’s situation.