Life is full of crises. The only solution is that you should learn the art of crisis management. Don’t take the problem as a problem, but take it as a challenge. Try to defuse it and the crisis will be managed in a very smooth manner. By applying wisdom, you can turn hate into love and negativity into positivity, then why opt for the harder course of action when the easier course of action is available? According to Islamic teaching, every situation is a test paper. Apply your wisdom and you will certainly stand the test.

The human mind has enormous capacity. If a person develops his mind on positive lines, he can save it from confusion and tension at a time of crisis. Learn the art of crisis management, and you will be able to discover opportunities even when you are surrounded by problems. Crisis management requires the presence of the mind. It is the presence of the mind that helps one to manage crises successfully.

The greatest quality needed for successful crisis management is only one: to forget the first chance you have lost and discover the second chance and avail of it. In every crisis, a person loses the first chance. One obsessed with losing the first chance cannot manage the crisis. The moment you get rid of the first loss, you can easily manage the problem in your favour.

This principle applies not only to individuals but also to nations. A nation, too, often loses the first chance. At that time, national leaders should remove people’s focus from the first chance and draw their attention to the second chance. It is the only art of management of a crisis.




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