Opportunities Activism, Duty-Consciousness


Differences are a natural part of globalized pluralistic societies. Problems occur when differences are allowed to escalate into conflicts. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan analyzed that the root cause of conflicts in the world is rights-consciousness in people. God has created everyone with unlimited potential. Instead of asking others to fulfill our rights, we must become realistic and see the opportunities that are still available, and strive to avail these opportunities through wise planning. Then we will certainly receive more than our rights. In this way, we can shape our future on our own. Self-empowerment helps us become 'giver-members' of society rather than 'taker-members'. CPS Peace Programs have helped thousands of graduates adopt duty-consciousness and opportunities activism, to enable them to develop positive personalities and shape their own futures.

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Applying Quranic Principles in Life


The Quran Study Program helps participants understand that the Quran is the preserved Word of God, revealed to Prophet Muhammad in the first quarter of the 7th century. To understand the Quran, one must contemplate on its verses, called tafakkur and tadabbur in the Quran. A study of the Quran in this way will introduce a man to his Creator (1:2), the One God, and understand the Creation Plan of God. Having found the purpose of life, one then turns to the Quran to find the principles by which to live God-oriented lives. In this way, one can learn lessons from the Quran, called tawassum. By contemplating on the verses of the Quran, we can derive principles to apply in our lives to develop Quranic personalities. In this way, the Quran continues to guide us for success in this life and in the Afterlife. ENROLL



Developing God-Oriented Personalities


The Culture of Peace Program helps participants to become masters of situations by developing personalities on a culture of peace. The entire universe is based on the culture of peace. There are innumerable entities in the cosmos, all in constant motion. None interferes in the sphere of the others. None ever clashes with others. While the rest of the universe is governed by the laws of nature, man has been given freedom of choice by God Almighty for the purpose of testing him. This creates problems in human society. For peace to prevail in society, human beings must imbibe the same culture of the universe. They must discover and submit to their Creator as the rest of the universe. They must abandon the path of violence and walk on the path of peace of their own choice. ENROLL



Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management


The Conflict Resolution for Peace-Building Program helps people apply realistic approaches to conflict management based on Quranic and Prophetic wisdom toward peace-building. CPS explains that the present age is the age of opportunities explosion in which all opportunities have come within everyone’s reach. So, now there is no need to indulge in conflicts over differing interests to gain one’s ends. We must prevent conflicts by not provoking the egos of others and nipping conflicts in the bud. And when conflicts do occur, we need to arrive at amicable settlements through difference management by winning over one’s opponents and through peaceful negotiations. In this way, CPS shares realistic principles for inter-personal, inter-groups, inter-religious, and international conflict management and peace-building. ENROLL





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