God has created this world with remarkable possibilities. Here, when an endeavour appears to fall into the oblivion of failure, a new light shines out from the darkness. God has, moreover, created human beings with extraordinary capabilities. As per the renowned psychologist Alfred Adler, one of the wonder-filled characteristics of human beings is “their power to turn a minus into a plus.” In his book The Secret of Success, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan affirms that the truly successful person is one who can carry his ambitions into effect, no matter what hurdles he needs to surmount. He is the one who will arrive at his destination, no matter what obstacles are strewn in his path. The primary secret of success is the principle of non-confrontation which always yields positive results, rather than confrontation which only aggravates matters. In human life the most important thing is the will to act. The people who ultimately succeed are those who are undaunted by adverse circumstances, who waste no time in lamenting over their disadvantages and who give their attention instead to overcoming whatever difficulties they face, while acting using the principle of management rather than confrontation.

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