No one knows what happens to a person after death. A person who is alive sees another person leaving the world. However, the departed person does not send any information about the place he has gone to. Death is a moment of complete separation from this world. Death does not allow a person to re-plan his life or regain what he has lost.

What should an individual do in such a situation? He should try to gain knowledge about the post-death period. If a person is serious and seeks to know with an open mind, he can find information about the post-death period in the Quran. The Quran has answers to the questions of a sincere seeking soul. The Quran addresses not to be heedless in using the opportunity of life you have before death.

By understanding the creation plan of God, we have to replan our lives because once the life of this world comes to an end, there will be no chance to plan after death.




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