In collective life, be it within the family or wider society, people always face experiences that prick their egos. On such occasions, if a person can control himself—if he can properly handle the issue of 'ego management'—he would have used his ego, as it were, in a proper manner. However, if his ego is provoked and he lets it affect his entire personality, he will also create immense problems for himself and others. This is because he will have failed in the art of 'ego management'.

In social life, we have to manage ego clashes. Ego management is the price of social living. Every commodity has an inevitable price; without paying this price, one cannot acquire that commodity. So is the case of reaping the benefits of social living. To enjoy the benefits of social living, one must learn the art of ego management. Ego problem is one's problem. Others will not pay its price; one has to manage it alone. Here there are only two choices: either manage the ego problem and prosper or fail in its management and end in disaster.




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