In The Secret of a Successful Family Life Maulana Wahiduddin Khan gives principles to lead a successful family and social life. The first is the art of life management which means that man, on the one hand understands himself, (who he is, what his capabilities are, etc.) and, on the other hand, he becomes aware of the world around him. It is only then that he can plan his life in a realistic manner. He further explains that there are two ways to examine an action, either by an ideal standard or based on the result. Realism and wisdom lies in the latter. Explaining that the family is the unit of society, in the book, he elaborates how to form a positive relationship between a husband and a wife. As this relationship is not based on blood, the only way to make it successful is to use reason, rather than allow emotions to take precedence. This means that while a blood relationship establishes itself by the force of nature, a non-blood relationship is established through conscious effort and rational management.

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