What is an adjustment? Adjustment means living with a calm and balanced mind in an unwanted situation. Adjustment is a way of life. Adjustment appears to be a behaviour you adopt towards someone else, but it is for yourself. The problem is that according to the creation plan of God, our world is a world of differences. Every human being is either Mr Different or Ms Different. Also, everyone has the freedom of choice to behave in whichever way they want. Every human being is compelled to live in a jungle of differences in such a situation. You cannot change this creation plan. Then, what is the proper conduct or action in such circumstances? The only realistic option for you is to adjust to other people. Here, adjustment means not reacting, not trying to change others, not becoming negative, not taking the situation as an obstacle, but managing it smoothly.

In every situation, you have two options either to adjust with others or to opt for the principle of not adjusting. If you opt for the principle of non-adjustment, it will only enhance your problems. You will live in tension with a disturbed mind and waste your time and energy. However, if you opt for adjustment, you will be able to free up your mind instantly. You will be able to save yourself from all kinds of negativity. Adjustment gives you a chance to continue your journey, but the policy of non-adjustment is bound to halt your life’s journey, either temporarily or permanently.

Adjustment is not a submissive attitude; instead, it is an attitude of wisdom. Adjustment is based on the natural rule: ‘Save yourself’. When you are not in the position to change others, change yourself. It is this behaviour that is called an adjustment.




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