Depression is a phenomenon of discontentment. Why does this phenomenon exist? The reason is that every person is born with an unlimited desire for enjoyment. However, everyone has a minimal capacity for fulfillment. It is this gap in human nature that makes people live in unrest.

Is this phenomenon due to a defect in nature? Not at all. It is man’s unawareness of himself that creates this problem. Self-awareness is the key to a contented life, while unawareness leads to discontentment and restlessness.

To explain this phenomenon in the right way, we have to discover the scheme of this world as devised by the Creator. According to the creation plan, the domain of fulfillment in the material world is minimal, while spiritual or intellectual fulfillment is so vast that words fail to express their endless boundaries. One who adopts the spiritual quest for his intellectual activities is a spiritual scientist. A physical scientist may stop at a certain point, but even the saying ‘sky is the limit’ becomes irrelevant for the spiritual scientist. Fulfilment through materialism is quite unachievable. Only spiritual pursuits can give you a sense of true fulfilment.

We can overcome depression by being content with what God has given us.



In general, I can say that normally people think that they should want an ideal life. A woman wants an ideal husband and an ideal family etc. which is not possible in this world. If this law of nature is understood, there will not be any such stress.


I read in the newspaper that Shahrukh Khan travelled to America and for two hours he was detained and checked. People created a lot of hue and cry that Americans should seek forgiveness. I thought that Shahrukh Khan and all others should think that it was only for two hours but soon a day will come when I will be checked for everything and so I should pray that the same happens in the hereafter and we get past quickly. It is because of these things that people take negative lessons. A positive person is one who takes a positive lesson from such instances.


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