Addressing the Minds of Seekers and Thinkers


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan founded the Centre for Peace and Spirituality International in January 2001 as a non-political, non-profit, non-governmental organization to introduce the true face of Islam based on peace, and spirituality. Maulana said that peace and spirituality are both two aspects of the one Truth. Positive thinking at an individual level is called spirituality; when this positive thinking reaches a collective level in society, it is known as peace. Through CPS, Maulana addressed and re-engineered the minds of individuals towards positive thinking and God-oriented living, to prepare the CPS Ambassadors of Peace. Together, they are helping people live in the love of God and well-wishing of human beings.


Islamic Scholar I Spiritual Guide I Ambassador of Peace


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan (1925-2021) was a world-renowned Islamic scholar who presented Islam in contemporary style. He translated The Quran in contemporary English and wrote Tazkirul Quran Commentary highlighting the spiritual meaning of the Quran. He removed the veils of interpretations to dispel misconceptions and present Islam as it is enshrined in its original sources—Quran, the preserved word of God and the Sunnah, the sayings, and the actions of Prophet Muhammad. This is given in his magazines, Al-Risala (Urdu) and Spirit of Islam (English), more than 200 books, and innumerable articles, as well as audio and video lectures. Anyone who wants to know the true face of Islam in contemporary style need only to refer to his literature and talks.


Manifests in Well-Wishing of Human Beings


CPS Ambassadors of Peace strive to develop love of God in people. The beginning of the love of God is the discovery of the innumerable blessings of the Benefactor (God). The more one thinks of divine blessings, the more one’s love of God will increase. When one starts living in the love of God, it brings about a revolution within his personality, producing many elevated human qualities, such as love and well-wishing towards humanity. This manifests itself in speaking kindly with others, have conciliatory behaviour towards them so that atmosphere of harmony prevails between people in society.


Towards God-Oriented Living


In today’s world people, in spite of having reached the pinnacle of material achievement and technological advancements, are still afflicted with problems in family, social, and professional life. CPS AoPs help people find answers to their spiritual quest by sharing the wisdom from the literature and talks of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. This helps them discover and connect with God, their Creator, and understand the Creation Plan of God. Then, they are able to find spiritual solace, and embark on their spiritual journey of life that helps them to resolve issues peacefully, and live a purposeful life.


Clear and Positive Thinking, God-Oriented Living


CPS AoPs re-engineer the minds of individuals on God-oriented lines to help them usher in a spiritual revolution in themselves. We do this by helping people learn the art of thinking to become clear and positive thinkers, so they can discover God Almighty. When one discovers God, they consider themselves accountable to Him, making them positive thinkers and duty-conscious members of society. Then, they are able to re-engineer their minds on positive, spiritual lines to develop peaceful God-oriented personalities. In this way, they can succeed both in this world in a pragmatic sense and in the Hereafter in the ideal sense by living in the ‘Home of Peace’ (10:25), eternal Paradise.


A Journey towards Peaceful Activism


Guided by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, the CPS AoPs have re-engineered the minds of people in Kashmir over decades. CPS to organize a series of Kashmir Conferences in New Delhi. During one of these conferences, Maulana’s book entitled, The Dawn over Kashmir was released in which he concluded that the Kashmiri people have abandoned the path of violence and are now treading the path of peace. When the CPS Quran For All Initiative was introduced to the Kashmiri youth, many started working towards education and peaceful activism by distributing copies of the Quran and literature throughout Kashmir, especially at tourist destinations.


Established Under the Aegis of CPS International


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Peace Centre, New Delhi was launched under the aegis of CPS International on April 2, 2016. At the Center, the CPS AoPs reinforces the culture of peace through mind-based spirituality by explaining that peace is the master key. When people unilaterally maintain peace for its own sake, this creates favourable conditions and opens up the doors to opportunities. When people strive towards their positive goals peacefully, they eventually are able to attain their desired constructive ends pragmatically. By sharing the ideology of peace and the practical method to achieve peace with people, they help people become peaceful. This leads to pragmatic peace at the social, national and international levels.


Taking the Quran to All Humanity


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan explained that Islam is a universal religion. The Quran is the preserved Word of God that fosters a universal outlook among its followers. One who adopts the Quranic way starts thinking is connected to Creator of the World and with the entire human brotherhood. In many of his books, Maulana wrote about the need for a Universal Peace Centre to take the Divine Message to all mankind. To make this a reality, he established the CPS International Center at New Delhi. To avail of the opportunities that the age has to offer, CPS Center has become the focal point for the broad-based dissemination of copies of the Quran and Islamic literature worldwide, so that they reach every home big or small.


Translating the Quran and Islamic Literature


Guided by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, the Goodword Books and CPS AoPs launched the Quran Translation Project to translate the Quran in all major world languages. The Initiative facilitates the translations, e-publishing, printing, and distribution of the Quran, Tazkirul Quran Commentary and Islamic literature. The Quran English (pub. 2009) has received worldwide acceptance as, “a clear, simple, and easy-to-understand translation of the Quran in a contemporary language.” Quran translations are now available in more than 40 International and Indian languages. Tazkirul Quran Commentary is available in English, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and Thai. Maulana’s literature comprising of more than 200 books are being translated into many Indian and International languages. All this material is available here.


Focal Point to Take the Quran to the World


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan guided CPS to make the Quran its identity. He established CPS International Center at Nizamuddin to become the focal point to present the universal message of the Quran so that the Quran can reach every home-big or small as predicted in a tradition of Prophet Muhammad. In response CPS launched ‘CPS Quran for All Initiative’ that aims to take God’s Word i.e., the Quran to the entire humanity to make them aware of God’s creation plan. It has become the focal point for presenting the peaceful message of the Quran through its translations, commentaries, and literature in contemporary style using every peaceful means.


Distributing a Quran Every Minute


The present world scenario has made people inquisitive about the Quran. The CPS Team with Goodword Books arrange for the dissemination of print and e-versions of the Quran and Islamic material worldwide. We do this by participating in book fairs, and distributing Quran and Islamic material free of cost in different languages at tourist attractions, heritage sites, malls, shops, mosques, cultural exchanges, hotels, libraries, educational institutions, etc. The CPS Team has distributed more than 7 million copies of the Quran and 11 million copies of Islamic material worldwide. In fact a copy of the Quran is being distributed every minute through the CPS Network.


Taking Maulana’s Legacy Forward


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan passed away on April 21, 2021, in New Delhi, India. Although Maulana is no longer with us physically, his legacy continues. He has left with us, on the one hand, a treasure-house of wisdom in the form of literature and digital media content presenting Islam in the modern idiom and on the other hand, a well-established mission through the CPS Global Network. Having complete faith in God, the CPS Team is taking this legacy forward. We are doing this using every peaceful means to do this like publishing and distributing of the Quran, books, and magazines, one-on-one interactions, lectures, conferences, seminars, and e-sessions, the use of technology to disseminate the world worldwide.


Opportunities Activism, Duty-Consciousness


CPS AoPs explain that differences are a natural part of life. Problems occur when differences are allowed to escalate into conflicts. The root cause of conflicts in the world is rights-consciousness in people. God has given everyone freedom in this world to test them. No one can take their freedom away. Therefore, instead of asking others to fulfil our rights, we must become realistic and see the opportunities that still remain, and we must strive to avail them through wise planning. Then we will certainly receive more than our rights. CPS Peace Programs re-engineer the minds of people on God-oriented and duty-conscious lines. We invite you to enrol in the programs.


Join the CPS Global Network


Our Creator has created us with unlimited potential. CPS AoPs help people unfold their potential to develop their personalities. God has endowed each one of us with a different skill set so we can work together in a team to perform tasks. One of the greatest tasks is to make humanity aware of God’s creation plan. Realisation of this will not only give meaning to people’s lives, but it will also plant the seeds of peace, love, and well-wishing in the hearts and minds of each person. We all have limited time on this planet. So let us make our life meaningful and result-oriented by volunteering our time and resources for this cause. We invite you to Connect with us.


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