Nature’s greatest gift to man is his mind. The mind is the greatest miracle of nature. The German psychologist Alfred Adler observed: “One of the wonder-filled characteristics of human beings is their power to turn a minus into a plus.” Now there is the question of how this miracle may come about? The answer is that if a person makes a mistake and saves himself from being a victim of negative thinking, a miraculous event occurs by nature. By the law of nature, a rethinking process is developed in him. He analyzes what happened to him and tries to understand where he went wrong. He thinks about how he may achieve what he could not at the first attempt at the second attempt. In this way, a new positive thinking process is initiated in this person’s mind, which becomes a means for his intellectual development. Thus, this process turns his mistake into a mistake plus.

A mistake is an error or fault resulting from poor judgment. If you have a positive mind, your mistake will motivate you to find out where you went wrong. This kind of rethinking will open up new possibilities for you. Thus, indirectly, the mistake will become a means to climb to new heights of success.

The condition for turning a mistake into a mistake plus is that one should not take a mistake to be a complete stop. Instead, one should consider a mistake as a comma. If one makes a mistake ten times, one should put a comma at each instance. One should not stop unless one’s mistake has turned into a mistake plus. Remember that the quantum of mistakes is limited in this world, but the quantum of achievements is unlimited. No mistake can close the door to your achievement, provided that you can keep your thinking positive.




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