Personality of a Believer (Momin)

Belief in God is not a mere repetition of certain words. Belief is another name for the discovery of this great Creator. When a thinking person reflects, he discovers incredible miracles of creation, from his existence to the rest of the universe. Then, he spontaneously calls out that, without doubt, there is a Creator of this universe and that he should acknowledge Him and surrender before Him. Moreover, a man discovers that, in this world, God alone is Omnipotent. No one has any similar power, even in a partial sense. God gives, and God takes away. The certainty of this reminds us of our total helplessness. The believer can do nothing other than surrender himself thoroughly before God. Being a weak person, man has to play the role of a person invested with power, possessing total freedom; he must surrender himself voluntarily to God Almighty.

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