The Universe Gives Us Lessons in Unspoken Language

The Universe around us serves as a vast model. The secret of success for us is to follow this model of submission. But with a difference—in the rest of the Universe, the model has been established compulsively, under the laws of nature, while we have to establish this model in our lives consciously, of our own free will. We have to bring our free will under the universal discipline, living as though we are following the laws of nature, as though we have no choice. We have to submit to the will of God, which is expressed in the Universe in the form of the laws of nature. This attitude of submission is the only right behaviour, which will guarantee us eternal success.

Video Transcript
Video Transcript

Everything in this world created by God provides lessons to us. Observe the rose plant. The same branch will have both flowers and thorns. The same branch of the plant has both flowers and thorns. There is no clash between the two. The flower never tries to make the branch free of thorns. The flower is in its place and the thorn is in its place. This is also a lesson or a model. When you live in a society, there will be many kinds of people around you. Some people will be like thorns because they will create problems for you. It is your duty to stay normally with such people, just as the flower lives normally alongside the thorn. This is a lesson given to you. Look at the cow. 
What is the cow?
We give grass to the cow, but it converts it into milk. It receives grass from you, but returns milk. 
What does this mean?
This means you should develop positive character even in a negative situation. Even if someone provokes you, you shouldn’t leave your positivity. If someone behaves negatively with you, he should receive positive behaviour from you. This is the lesson given by the cow. This means to behave positively even in a negative situation. Whatever we see in the world -- space, earth, mountains and oceans -- all have lessons to teach. These lessons are not being announced on the loudspeaker. You have to think and discover these lessons. God has given you a mind and thinking capacity. You can think and understand. Everything is giving a lesson in unspoken language. 

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