Nature and Spirituality

In the post-Einsteinian era, science discovered that the universe is not a haphazard world; it is a highly meaningful world, well-designed, and extremely harmonious. It appears that the universe is a centrally controlled universe. Perhaps the first scientist who pointed out that there is a mathematical mind behind the universe was Sir James Jeans. Einstein spent a large part of his life searching for a 'unified field theory'. Then, Stephen Hawking introduced what is called single string theory which developed into the unifying M-Theory which is one of the candidates for a ‘Theory of Everything’. Stephen Hawking originally believed that M-theory may be the ultimate ‘Theory of Everything’ but later suggested that the search for understanding of mathematics and physics will never be complete. There are some scientists who believe in the existence of the Higgs Boson particle popularly known as the God particle, which is supposed to explain many questions about the nature of our universe. Recently, a scientist2 declared that there is a ‘master computer that controls the working of the universe’. This same thought is expressed by some scientists in these words that the ‘universe is an intelligent universe’ or of ‘design’ and ‘fine-tuning’ in the universe.

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