Nature as a Role Model
There is a tree in front of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan’s house in New Delhi. Calling it his spiritual tree, Maulana sat under it for hours, contemplating and deriving spiritual nourishment from it. The spiritual tree gave him the best definition of spirituality: live as a complex free soul, and you will find a complex free world to live in. Your destiny is in your hands. Never allow others to decide your destiny. Utilize your opportunities, turn your potential into actuality, and soon find that you have no complaints to register against others. Many of Maulana’s articles and video lectures gave universal lessons from “The Spiritual Tree.’ The Spiritual Tree is a silent embodiment of spirituality. It is a good teacher, available always for every student who can listen to its non-verbal language. Just like the tree is a good ‘member’ of its garden, neither creating noise or problems for others should be a good member of society. Nature tells us of its scheme through trees that a new spring will follow after every winter. What is needed is only to discover yourself, to discover your potential. Discover the opportunities around you and then avail of all these opportunities by silent planning. The Spiritual Tree is silently giving everyone a message: ‘O man! Adopt my culture, and you will become a fitting ornament of the garden of the universe.’

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