The Character of a Dayee

According to the Quran, and the interpretation of the related Hadith, it follows that even when faced by enemies on the battlefield, one is allowed to defend oneself but not allowed to curse or pray for their damnation. The matter of punishment to any wrongdoer belongs to God alone and is no concern of anyone else. To seek the damnation of others is entering into the domain of God. If others harm or oppress then the only option that one has is to continue giving the message of God to them. This is the desired character of a believer. A believer has been commanded to have patience in every situation. It is forbidden for him to hate anyone. Even if the others commit any oppression or wrong, the command is to tolerate and be patient to the extent of wellwishing and praying for the good of the opponents. These actions of a true believer will make him stronger and win over the hearts of his opponents and enemies.

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