The Art of Crisis Management

We often go through a time of crisis. We regularly face crises in life. If you are walking along a path and get pricked by a thorn, then that is also a moment of crisis. If you are conversing with someone and he speaks harshly with you, then this is also a crisis. You cannot save yourself from crisis. You will definitely face moments of crisis in life. This is because the other person will never ask you before speaking. He will never ask you whether you would get offended if he said something to you. Nobody speaks like this. You have to prepare yourself in the art of crisis management. You have to prepare yourself so that you can manage a moment of crisis. 
                                                How will this happen? You should not become distracted. You should not become a victim of reactionary mindset. You must never give up your humanity. You should preserve your way of thinking. When this happens, you will be able to manage the crisis. There is only one condition to manage a crisis -- you should not become disturbed and you must not react. When a crisis arrives, your mind must be so prepared that it does not get disturbed nor does it react. If you can do this, you will be totally competent to manage a crisis. 

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