The Way to Discover God

A person should discover God by developing his thinking process. If we develop our thinking, we will be able to see God every moment.

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Video Transcript

It is said about God that He is most evident, most apparent, yet most hidden. God is so apparent that you can see Him everywhere. But because God is hidden from us, you may remain unaware of Him and die in this state. For those who want to see God in the physical sense, He is completely hidden. If we want to see God as we see other things, we will never be able to do so in this world. God is beyond space and time, and beyond all physical laws. We can know God through conceptual thinking. We can know the Creator through His creation, and not by directly seeing Him. I discover God every moment. I am speaking and you are listening. This makes a chill run down my spine. I think how is it possible that I speak and you all listen to me! Because I am helpless, as every other person is. Who is it that provides us with sunlight and oxygen from the air? Who has endowed the right kind of gravitational pull to the earth? Who makes the trees so verdant and green? Who is providing food to us from the soil? Who sends down water from above? We get to see God in all of this. You need to develop your thinking capacity. The secret to seeing God is neither in meditation nor in any practice, rather it is in developing one's thinking process. Some people believe that certain kind of meditational practices would help in seeing God. I do not believe in this. When a person meditates, he may see certain things, but that is owing to his state of ecstasy. This is similar to having hallucinations. 

               A person should discover God by developing his thinking process. If we develop our thinking, we will be able to see God every moment. If we do not develop our thinking, there is no other alternative to discovering God. We cannot discover God by any other process. My entire literature is based on developing our thinking capacity. All our books speak about developing one's thinking so that one can discover God. One of my books is titled, 'God Arises'. We need to increase our study and develop our thinking. We need to learn the art of thinking. This is the only way of discovering God. There is no other way.  

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