Lessons from Bombay

The responsibility for the present-day hatred and violence in the name of Islam does not lie with those Muslim youth who driven by acrimony carry out violent activities. Rather the responsibility for such action is to be borne by those so-called Islamic thinkers who, in the name of bringing about an “Islamic revolution”, gave such a way of thinking to Muslim youth whose result could be nothing but violence and hatred in the name of Islam.

The method of Islam is that of dawah or peaceful dissemination of Islamic teachings. The way of politics is contrary to dawah. While the basis of dawah is peace, politics is based on confrontation with others. Present-day Islamic thinkers gave a political interpretation to Islam, as a result of which the Islamic movement became a political movement. This culminated in all those unpleasant aspects—generally identified with politics—to be associated with Islam as well.

Those engaged in dawah consider others as potentially their friends. The case of politics is totally opposite to this, as those who are involved in politics look at others as their rivals or opponents. This is why dawah culture fosters mercy and compassion between people, while political activism leads to the spread of hatred. All kind of good finds its way in a society where people have mercy for each other, while the culture of hatred breeds animosity and violence. No virtue can ever be found alongside hatred.

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