Importance of Peace

The modern age has witnessed violence as never before. It is because people do not possess a complete ideology that favours peace. Adhering to peace is possible only when there is a powerful justification for peace, whereas the sole justification for violence is the force of public sentiment. While violence is instinctive, peace calls for strict mental discipline and self-control to be exercised. Man needs a complete ideology of peace. An ideology of peace acquires meaningfulness only in God’s plan of creation. The present world has been designed by its Creator as a testing ground for humanity, in which man has been granted complete freedom of will. However, this freedom is not meant to produce anarchy. Its objective is to demonstrate whether man, despite having total freedom, can lead a disciplined life. The test of a man is that he raises himself from the level of amorality to the level of human ethics; despite experiencing feelings of hatred and having the urge to be violent, he should become the embodiment of love and peace. When negative sentiments corrode his heart, he should be able to rid himself of them and make himself a positive thinker. Despite possessing total freedom, he should become an example of moral, disciplined behaviour of his own free will. Understanding the creation plan of God, one finds a complete ideology of peace, following which one can exercise strict mental discipline and self-control. It is the beginning of a peaceful society. Those who thus conduct themselves in this manner will pass God’s test and be selected by the Lord, the Creator and Sustainer of this universe, as the beneficiaries of eternal paradise.

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