Introduction to Paradise

The next world is the world of Paradise. Paradise is the perfect version of the present imperfect world. It is equipped with all those features that are required for enjoying real and lasting happiness. If you accept this explanation of human life, death becomes a positive event for you. Life becomes a continuous journey, from the imperfect world to the perfect world; from the present temporary world to eternal Paradise. Now the question is, how can we find entry into Paradise? The Quran gives the answer in these words: “He will abide forever in the Gardens of eternity, through which rivers flow. That is the recompense for those who purify themselves.” (THE QURAN 20: 76)

Self-purification is the key word in this regard. According to this Quranic verse only purified souls will find entry into Paradise. A purified soul means an unpolluted soul. According to a Hadith, every person was born with a divine nature. So, the one who pollutes his original nature will be deprived from entering Paradise, and the one who preserves his soul in its original form will find entry into Paradise. He will be gifted Paradise as an appreciation of his good conduct. This fact is mentioned in the Quran in these words: “He who purifies it will indeed be successful, and he who pollutes it is sure to fail.” (THE QURAN 91: 9-10)

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