Akhirat in Islam

If people were to see Paradise in its real form, everyone would become earnestly desirous of entering Paradise. If people were to see Hell in its real form, everyone would flee from it. However, the present world is a testing ground. To facilitate this trial, the path of Paradise leads the way through many unpleasant experiences. In contrast to this, the path of Hell is surrounded by beautiful things. In other words, one has to place curbs on one’s desires to become a deserving candidate for Paradise, whereas following one’s desires without any restraint will lead one to Hell. Putting curbs on one’s desires produces a purified personality, making one a deserving candidate for Paradise. On the contrary, following one’s desires unrestrainedly produces an impure personality destined for Hell. It is, thus, expressed in the Quran: “He who purifies it will indeed be successful, and he who corrupts it is sure to fail.” (91:9-10)

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