The prophets given divine revelations in books were called rasul, while those who did not were called nabi. Four find mentioned in the Quran: the Sahifa or the scrolls given to Abraham; the Torah, the revelations to Moses; the Zabur, the psalms of David; the Gospel, the teachings given to Jesus. Each was initially a complete revelation, but unfortunately, these books and teachings were not adequately preserved. Some, like the Sahifa, were lost completely. Others were changed in various ways by human intervention and are no longer in their original form. They could best be described as edited versions of divine revelations, which have been altered from time to time by editors and commentators. In the past, the need for new prophets arose because God’s religion was no longer in its pristine form, having been distorted in many different ways. Therefore, new prophets had to come to the world periodically to revive the true spirit of religion and thus restore it to its original form. However, after the Prophet Muhammad, there was no need for another prophet, for the Book— the Quran— which he gave to the world has been preserved intact, in its original form. The Quran is a collection of the divine revelations that the Prophet received over 23 years. Angels (Malaika, literally meaning ‘messenger’) serve as intermediaries between God and man. They transmit messages to His envoys, worthy individuals whom God specially chooses for the task of being His messengers. These messengers are called prophets, and it is the prophets alone who receive the divine revelations through an angel, who is the celestial messenger. According to the Quran, the angel Gabriel (Jibrail), meaning the ‘power of God,’—also alluded to in the Quran as a “trustworthy spirit” (al-ruh-al-amin)—brought divine revelations to the Prophet of Islam.

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