Don't Blame Others for Your Mistakes

Criticism, particularly when it is true, brings one down from the high pedestal on which one has placed oneself. Man is a self-lover. He never wants to admit his mistakes. To utter the three damning words, “I am wrong” is so difficult that in the long history of humankind there have been very few cases of people who have actually brought themselves to utter them.

Video Transcript
Video Transcript

There is a sunnah of the Prophet mentioned in the Quran. To take responsibility for your mistakes and not blame others for them. People make mistakes and hold others responsible. This happens throughout the world. If a person throws stones at people, they will use guns at him. But he will say 'these people are oppressing me.' If you didn’t throw stones, guns wouldn’t have been used at you either. This is happening all over the world. People try to make others pay the price for their mistakes. This goes against Islam. I will give an example. 

At the time of the Prophet, the battle of Uhud took place. In the battle of Uhud, Muslims faced defeat. This battle started as aggression from the Quraysh, who were opposed to the Prophet. Makkah is 300 miles away from Madinah. The battle didn’t take place near Makkah. It happened on the borders of Madinah. Uhud is a mountain near Madinah. This means that the opponents came walking from Makkah to launch an attack on the borders of Madinah. A battle took place here. This was clear case of aggression from Quraysh. When Muslims faced defeat, what words did the Quran use?  It says: Copy Arabic text (3:152)

But then your courage failed you and you disagreed among yourselves. You lost due to disunity in your ranks. You began to fight amongst yourselves and developed differences. There was no unity in your group. United we stand, divided we fall. The Islamic principle is to blame thyself. Islam believes in finding your own mistakes. Try to find the cause within. Don’t blame it on others' conspiracy. Don’t say others are enemies and oppressors. Don’t blame others. Blaming others is not the way of Islam.  

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