There is a terse but meaningful saying: ‘Blame thyself.’ This means that in all situations, you should not try to see others’ mistakes but identify and acknowledge your own mistakes after self-introspection. This is the simplest formula for a successful life.

Criticism, particularly when it is true, brings one down from the high pedestal on which one has placed oneself. Man is a self-lover. He never wants to admit his mistakes. To utter the three damning words, “I am wrong” is so dif­ficult that in the long history of mankind there have been very few cases of people who have actually brought themselves to utter them.

According to the creation plan of God, our world is a world of challenge and competition. In this world, success is not the monopoly of any individual or group. It is futile to indulge in complaints and protests against others. The only right thing to do is to engage in introspection in order to discover your own weakness and then reassess your own planning. This is the only wise response to untoward situations. By self-correction, you can regain the target you failed to achieve.




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