Islam As it is

In Islam As It Is Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, a renowned Islamic thinker and scholar, presents the fundaments teachings of Islam in a manner, which will appeal directly to both general readers and students of Islam. Simple and straight forward in style, this book gives the reader an accurate and comprehensive picture of Islam—the true religion of submission to God. Islam teaches us that behind this world, the will of an all-powerful Creator and Master is at work. One day, everyone will be brought before Him to be judged, and on that fateful day, His will be the final word on human success or failure. The discovery of this reality is to recognize that one is nothing, has nothing; that God is everything, has everything in His power, is Lord of all creation. With this realization comes the desire to become a slave of the Almighty. One who makes this discovery becomes, quite naturally, a completely altered human being, for his life is then bathed in a divine light; his heart and mind are completely captivated. The discovery of God takes place in the human mind, but a man feels its effect throughout his entire being. He loses himself and finds God. With God living in his thoughts he belongs entirely to Him. His entire being is enslaved and prostrates itself before his Lord. Where others act out of egoism, he proceeds with humility. Where others are vengeful in attitude, he is invariably forgiving. Where others are cruel and unjust, he is always kind and merciful. While people chase after the pleasures of this world, he remains absorbed in the hidden world of the Hereafter. Such is the life of truth, which has been shown in all its perfection through the teachings and examples of the Prophet Muhammad.