The Wisdom of Dua
Prayer (dua) is a natural utterance for one who has a spiritual bent of mind. However, without realisation, prayer is only a repetition of words. The prayer that comes from a realised soul is prayer in the real sense. The prayer, devoid of maarifah (realisation), is nothing but lip service; it has no value. Prayer is a form of worship, and the real form of worship is one in which the realisation of God is an integral part. Prayer is of two kinds. One is that which requests God to fulfil some need of the suppliant concerning some personal problem he is facing and entreating God to provide a solution. Another form of prayer is that the person praying projects his problem as the problem of God Himself. The first kind of prayer is the result of human needs. However, the second kind of prayer comes from a person’s heart with deep God-realisation. The second kind of prayer is the result of the discovery of God at the level of realisation. This kind of prayer comes out of the heart or mind of a person only when he has some exceptional experience of God’s nearness.

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