The New Age is Pro-Islam, not Anti-Islam

A saying of the Prophet in various books of Hadith is: (Sunan al-Tirmidhi 2869)

The example of my community is like rain. I don’t know whether its first part would be better or its second part. This is a manner of expression. There is nothing to doubt in it. This means that the next part of rain would be better. When rain falls, crops begin to grow. Later fully ripe crops are harvested. All the fields turn green. It is well-known that the latter part of rain is better. It is never possible for the latter part of rain to not be good. By giving the example of rain, the Prophet has specified that the latter part of this community will be better. This is not a matter of superiority of this community. 

The most important point to be understood is that this saying is not about the superiority of Muslims. The concept of superiority is not part of Islam. This is a concept that has been innovated. The truth is that the community of the final prophet will always be preserved. A community preserves religion. God's books were revealed earlier as well but they couldn’t be preserved. This is why, those books became inauthentic and the followers of these religions couldn’t be representatives of God's religion. For this community, God Almighty preserved the Quran, the sunnah of the Prophet and other aspects of religion. Due to this preservation, it became possible that this religion could continue even in the centuries ahead. This made it possible for the community to gain the bounties and blessings of the later period as well. This is not about superiority of the community, rather it is about a new age. The Hadith and Quran have many verses about this new age. It has great treasure in the form of higher realization of God, greater closeness to God and more opportunity for calling people to God. It is possible to receive everything on a far greater scale. But Muslims have been totally deprived of this. They have not received any share in the higher level of realization of God. They were not aware that the new age is not an enemy of Islam. The new age is definitely not an enemy of Islam, rather it is pro-Islam. 

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