Age of the Quran
The Quran, the preserved text of the divine message for all, states: “Each Messenger We have sent has spoken in the language of his people so that he might make the message clear to them.” (14:4). Therefore, translations of the Quran need to be made available in all languages. The translations must be easy-to-read and in contemporary style. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan gave CPS International and Ambassadors of Peace the target to make translations of the Quran in all major national and international languages and distribute them worldwide. Commentaries of the Quran serve the single purpose of helping people understand the deeper meaning of the Quranic verses. Maulana’s commentary of the Quran, entitled Tazkirul Quran, is a concise, easy-to-read guide and enables its readers to understand the more profound and spiritual meaning of the Divine Book and reflect upon its relevance in the present world. It focuses on God’s Realisation, enlightenment, closeness to God, remembrance, prayer, peace, and spirituality. Tazkirul Quran helps the reader to discover the Creator through reflection, deep thinking, and contemplation. By connecting with God, developing a strong affection for Him, and understanding its deeper meaning, one starts receiving divine wisdom from the Quran for leading one’s life in the world. The Quran, thus, helps one remember the Hereafter, introspect on one’s thoughts, speech, and action, and start the process of tazkiyah to develop a purified personality that God may find eligible for entry into Paradise.
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