The Importance of Intellectual awakening

Ruhaniyat or rabbaniyat means one’s inner personality may acquire godly qualities by becoming immersed in thoughts of God and the Hereafter. This level of spirituality is produced after an intellectual revolution rather than by renouncing the material world. It is an act of intellectual rather than physical renunciation. According to the Quran, the way to this intellectual renunciation is tawassum, meaning the learning of lessons. Such spirituality can be found through an intellectual awakening which in the Quran is called great remembrance of God (zikr-e-kaseer) (62:10). This great remembrance of God is not simply a matter of repeating words. It is, in fact, an intellectual act of seeing God’s signs in material things and learning lessons related to the Hereafter from material experiences. This spiritual or divine aspect is hidden in all worldly things. Spirituality enables one engaged in material or worldly activities to see the divine signs. Spirituality can be attained neither by renouncing the world nor repeating certain words. Spirituality can be attained only by one who has the intellectual ability to convert material provision into spiritual food. It is a fact that we cannot observe God’s Being, yet, we can see glimpses of God in His creation. This contemplation on God’s creation is another name for remembrance of God, and through it, one can achieve that high level of firm faith, which is called the realisation of God.

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