Redefining Islam in the Modern Age

There can be no doubt that Islam, in essence, is the discovery of such divine guidance as shows man the path to lasting success in the Hereafter. Scientific and industrial developments may not be directly related to the aims and objectives of Islam, but it is nevertheless an indisputable fact that they are significant offshoots of the Islamic revolution. Had the Islamic revolution never seen the light of day, scientific and industrial developments remained unrealised. The primary purpose of a tree is to bear fruit. However, when it is fully grown, it also gives man shade. The same is the case with Islam. The primary purpose of Islam is to open the door of divine guidance for human beings to come closer to their Lord. However, Islam is a complete truth. Moreover, when such truth reveals itself, it becomes the source of all blessings for humanity—directly and indirectly¬- but it also gives guidance, which is of great practical utility. The present era, which we think of as modern and advanced—the age of science and industry, freedom and equality—is a direct consequence of this aspect of the Islamic revolution, which is called a blessing in the Quran. Like most other significant historical developments, this period gradually culminated over almost a thousand years.

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Video Transcript

In Islam there is no revision or amendment. But there is redefinition in Islam. It has been a mistake on the part of our scholars that they didn’t redefine Islam in this age in which it was most necessary. This problem is continuing to this day. People today consider Islam to be unfit although redefinition has happened in Islamic history. The prophets and even the Sahaba redefined religion. 
The Quran says that Ibrahim was a messenger. He was sent to Iraq 4,000 years ago. At that time, there was a king called Nimrud. Nimrud used to claim that he was god. In ancient times, kings used to assert that they were gods. These claims are no more put forward in this age of democracy. When Prophet Ibrahim came before Nimrud, he asked him about God's message. The king and Prophet Ibrahim had a conversation. Prophet Ibrahim explained: My Lord is the one who gives life and brings death. Copy arabic text
The king replied: I also do this by choosing to allow a person to live. Then Prophet Ibrahim presented another argument: God brings up the sun from the east, so bring it up yourself from the west. (Quran 2:258) In today's age, people think that the Quran is an ancient book revealed when the world believed in the geocentric theory. 
Today people don't believe that the sun rises or sets. The phenomena of sunrise and sunset were earlier thought to be due to the sun actually rising and then setting. This was because of the prevalence of geocentric theory, which has now been discarded. Based on this people think Islam came in the age of geocentric theory, while today we are in the age of heliocentric theory. But this is a matter which requires redefinition, that is, today you will say that Prophet Ibrahim asked the king to bring about changes in the solar system. He asked the king to bring modification in the solar system, if he could.  Today we know that morning and evening occur due to the earth's rotation on its axis. There is a solar system in space. 
Prophet Ibrahim's statement requires redefination. It was not an incorrect statement and doesn’t need revision. We only need to redefine it.  
Prophet Ibrahim used the word 'sun'. Here, 'sun' implies the solar system. God has put in place the solar system. If possible, show that you can change it and replace it with a new system. 
Even today a person would say it isn't in his capacity to do so: Copy Arabic text (Quran 2:258)

Islam wasn’t redefined according to the modern world. This was a great mistake the price of which is that today it is believed that the followers of Islam are backward, they are unfit and have no relevance in the modern world. 

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