Prophetic Method of Hudaibiyah

One of the qualities of the Prophet of Islam was his grand vision, as a result of which he urged his followers to adopt a wise approach in all their dealings. Several sayings on this subject have appeared in the books of Hadith. The Prophet’s entire life was filled with examples of wisdom. While discharging his responsibilities, he adopted the way of wisdom on all occasions and at all stages. We continue to bring you examples from his life: After he received prophethood, the Prophet of Islam lived for thirteen years in Makkah, where the majority of the Makkans opposed him, tormenting him in every possible way. Owing to his mission, however, about two hundred men and women accepted Islam. These Muslims would say to the Prophet repeatedly that they wanted to fight against this oppression. However, the Prophet always exhorted them to exercise patience. The Prophet of Islam was not to follow a collision course at a time of strife or controversy but to move away from the point of conflict. Such a course enables one to conserve one’s energies to utilize them more fruitfully at a later stage.

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