Make Paradise Your Concern

The Quran has mentioned a point at several places. The gist is tazkiya, or purification of the soul. 
The question is 'purified character' for what? This is to make yourself a deserving candidate for Paradise. This is why the Quran lays a lot of emphasis on tazkiya, or purification (20:76, 87:14 and 91:9). When you discover the truth, your goal becomes reaching God. You seek to enter Paradise. According to the Quran, one's character should be such that it is deserving of being settled in Paradise. Paradise is the name of a society of high standards. You should be able to find a place in this society. You should be able to live among the people of Paradise. This is the purpose of character building, according to the Quran. Human psychology is such that a person becomes extremely keen about achieving that to which he attaches utmost importance. When you discover God Almighty and Paradise, you become very keen to build such a character that when you enter the society of Paradise, you are able to live there according to its high standards. There are many descriptions of Paradise. For example, a verse says that Paradise will not have any nuisance, self-interest, hate and violence. This will be the character of people of Paradise. You become so keen that you make every effort to develop those traits which make you a deserving candidate for Paradise. 

Video Transcript
Video Transcript

A person who sincerely desires Paradise with the same intensity as a mother loves her child, then every moment his mind will guide him about what he must do. But people are not at all desirous of Paradise. People gain happiness when they see their children, business and job. They don’t seek Paradise. They believe Paradise is easy to get. If one sincerely seeks to get into Paradise, his mind will guide him on every occasion. He will know how to think, how to behave and how to deal with people. His conscience or his mind will guide him about this. 
What is important is that Paradise should become your concern. Whenever something becomes a person's concern, then he becomes his own adviser. The human mind is extraordinary. It has great potential. You must awaken your mind and then you will automatically receive guidance. 

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