Character Building
There are two significant schools of spirituality—one based on meditation and the other on contemplation. The former relates to feelings ascribed to the ‘heart’ and the latter to the mind. According to meditation or the spirituality of the heart, people usually assume that the further away they move from material things, the more spiritual they become. Clearing their minds of material thoughts, they become one with the spiritual. Islam subscribes to the school of contemplation. The journey towards contemplative spirituality begins with the urge to search for the truth. Being an utterly intellectual activity helps one discover the truth, discover God, and understand His Creation Plan for us. Then our lives enter a new phase: building their personalities according to spiritual principles. Mind-based spirituality is based on intellectual awakening. Connecting with God—one’s Creator—one can elevate oneself and start living on a higher divine plane. From the Islamic perspective, being spiritual means living a God-oriented life. Then, one’s mental balance is not upset by unpleasant experiences. By understanding the Creation Plan of God and by developing clear thinking and the ability to re-examine any situation, one can convert negative influences and experiences into positive ones. One can take spiritual lessons from material experiences. Mind-based spirituality or contemplative spirituality is the best formula for character building. It promotes all that is good and helps us develop a positive personality.
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