Islamic Activism

Addressing Prophet Muhammad the Quran enjoins: “Therefore, bear up patiently as did the steadfast apostles before you. Bear up with patience and do not seek to hurry on their doom.” (46:35) This lays the basic principle of Islamic activism: showing restraint in adverse situations and refraining from negative reaction and retaliation and planning one’s actions on the basis of realism. This is called Islamic activism or positive activism. It is when one tries to discover opportunities and avails them, without interfering with the prevailing state of affairs.

The Shariah and Its Application

According to the Quran, there are two major parts of Islam—religion (din) and the law (Shariah). Din or al-din is basic and absolute, always remaining the same, without the slightest change. It is obligatory for all believers, whatever the circumstances, and entails belief in the One God, and the worship of Him alone. The Shariah, on the other hand, may differ, depending upon times and places. That task in reality is not synonymous with bringing about a change in the shariah but it is only a reapplication of the shariah in terms of altered circumstances.

Leading a Spiritual Life

The book Leading a Spiritual Life aims at developing a spiritual bent of mind in its reader. The author, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan believes that to attain spirituality one does not need to retire to the jungles, rather one must live in the midst of all the activities of the world and develop the ability to convert material events into non-material or spiritual events. According to the author, “If you want to live as a spiritual person, learn the art of extraction. That is, you have to be able to extract spiritual content from material things.