Paradise The Final Phase of Human Civilization

Man has been seeking a Paradise on earth for thousands of years,in response to his natural urges. With the coming of the industrial revolution and the age of consumerism, man actually thought that he could build a Paradise on earth. Pollution, global warming, and now the Covid-19 pandemic has made man realize to the last extent that a Paradise on earth cannot become a reality. Then how can man actually attain the Paradise of his dreams? Standing on the threshold of life, man must rethink and re-plan for Paradise.

Discovering the Quran

There are many passages in the Quran which urge the reader to ponder over creation, natural phenomena and the universe at large. It is such contemplation in the vast ever-expanding cosmos that aids in understanding the Creator’s majesty and intelligence. This contemplation, however, could be done earlier within a traditional framework. Now this process of reflection and contemplation has become possible within a scientific framework.

Life Death and Beyond

Few people think about death and what lies beyond it. We plan our lives in this world without realizing that our existence here is only temporary. Our aims, desires and sentiments are influenced by the thought that the life of the present world is final. In this book, the author urges the reader to reflect on the inevitable experience of death. The book takes the reader on a journey that explores the higher purpose of life, one that connects the dots between the present world and the life Hereafter.

Man and God

We human beings have a natural yearning to seek our Creator. In the lives we lead, the race toward materialism conceals this longing hidden deep within us. In time, the desire becomes so intense that even after having acquired the luxuries of the world, one ceases to find meaning in them and seeks to know what is beyond all that is apparent. In this book, the author focuses on directing the reader to the Creator by bringing to attention how ordinary, usual events can lead to profound realizations about God.