Discovering God

The theme of this book is the realization of God. The realization of God is the essence of religion. Realization of God (ma‘arifah) is the beginning as well as the end of religion. The position of ma‘arifah in God’s religion is that of the seed. Just as a seed grows gradually into a full tree, similarly ma‘arifah shapes the entire personality of a person. Without ma‘arifah, religion is reduced to a spiritless form. With ma‘arifah, religion is like a lush green tree and without it, religion becomes like a dried up tree. If religion is the body, ma‘arifah is its spirit.

The Seekers Guide

We have entered a new era. Never in history has the world been so connected, diverse, educated and aware. It is an era where, fuelled by curiosity, we find ourselves on a never-ending quest for answers and knowledge and one where confidence in reason prevails over the antiquated ways of superstition. The journey of civilization has brought us to an age where reason has become the strongest voice.

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