Man is born in this world not just by accident but by a divine plan. Our Creator has endowed us with great qualities. Every human being must unfold these qualities and play the role destined for him or her by providence. According to this creation plan of the Creator, every individual must live in hope. There is no excuse for becoming pessimistic.

Our world is full of opportunities. If someone fails in doing something, he should take it as a delay and not as a final failure. In adverse situations, committing suicide is not an option for anyone, whether man or woman. One should adopt the wait and see a formula rather than take the extreme step of killing oneself.

This world is full of hope. We should always be hopeful of the future even if we face temporary hardships. The present world is one in which every person has their moments of pain and grief. But these should be recognized as transient phases and borne with stoicism and courage. Just think of Manekshaw who wished to annihilate himself, little realizing that his name was to be emblazoned in the pages of history as a latter-day conqueror.




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