Parenting is a complex task. Parents have a great love for their children. That is natural, but as far as their children’s future is concerned, love alone is not enough. Love often turns into pampering their children. Moreover, over-providing is not good parenting. That can make a child too easygoing. He may shirk hard work, and this tendency could stop his future development.

Good parenting calls for living between two opposites: one side is soft, and the other is strict. Parents have to be both subjective and objective in their behaviour towards their offspring. Parents are almost always emotional towards their children. However, according to the law of nature, emotional behaviour may not prove suitable for them. It is in their nature to be emotional, but the best parents are those who control their emotions and try to tackle the child with a realistic approach.

Pampered children know nothing beyond their desires. They cannot meet the challenges they face in the external world. Parents need to redefine their thinking to make it understandable to the new generation. In this regard, a failure has given rise to resistance from children towards higher learning standards.



Parents play the key role in destroying their own children. They provide easy money, which is the root cause of all evils. Parents cannot blame anyone else because they are responsible themselves.

Source: The Seeker’s Guide


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