Man is a seeker of Truth by birth. This will to search for the truth is implanted in everyone. But it depends upon every individual himself, whether or not he pursues this natural urge. Only through sincere pursuit will he discover the truth and thus make his life meaningful. For any kind of negligence or apathy in this regard, there is no excuse, whatever the circumstances.

Man’s life has been fashioned to live in a feeling of dependency continuously. This feeling of helplessness is characteristic of every human being. It forces man to clutch onto more powerful support than him, which can deliver him from his weakness. This feeling of helplessness drives a man in his search for God. Man needs such a God before whom he can pour out his feelings of gratitude; to whom he can entrust all his affairs; in whose faith he will find succour even when there is no one to help him. Man desires a God he can trust, who will grant him success after every disaster, who can remove all difficulties from his path. Man’s feeling of helplessness can never be overcome unless he discovers this God.

There is only one thing that can give a man a strong sense of purpose: for man to discover God as his goal. The search for God has no limit; it may continue forever. God is man’s Creator, and He is the All-Giver. So, it is natural that God alone can be the true goal for any person.



By birth, every person is a perfectionist. Therefore, it is right to say that man is a perfection-seeking being. It is this feature of human nature because of which almost every person is drowned in frustration, so much so that even those who have obtained all the things of the world are not exempt from this feeling. Therefore, by Nature, man is a perfectionist, but nothing is perfect in his world. In this way, there is a contradiction between man's desires and the things of the world. This incompatibility between the two is the real reason for man's frustration.

Man makes every effort, seeking to fulfill his desires. Finally, the time may come when he obtains wealth, power, and everything he desires. However, he feels as frustrated as before, even after getting the things he had hankered after. Even then, he is not able to feel contented.

Before obtaining something, he desires, man thinks it is that particular thing whose desire he nurses in his heart. However, after receiving it, he does not find the peace and satisfaction that one should have in obtaining something one desires. This is because his desire was for something perfect, while everything in this world is imperfect, and a perfectionist cannot find peace and satisfaction in something imperfect.

There is only one solution to this problem: that man should make the perfect world of Paradise his goal or target. In the most total sense, Paradise is an ideal world, while the present world is only an imperfect place compared to it. Paradise is the perfect world that man has been seeking since his birth. However, because of their unawareness of Paradise, a man tries to fulfil his desires in this present world itself, and because of the incompatibility between his nature and the nature of this world, he becomes a victim of frustration.

Source: God’s Creation Plan

Realisation of God is a challenging campaign. This is because an element of doubt is present in every single component of this world in the pre-death period of life. In this world, nothing is bereft of doubt. In the pre-death phase of life, man's task is to draw apart the curtains of doubt and see the truth. Despite doubts, he should obtain a state of complete certainty.

A veil of doubt is placed over everything that exists in the world. As soon as a person takes birth in this world, he finds himself in a jungle of conflicting thoughts. Man is confronted with all sorts of philosophies of life that can leave him utterly confused. There are dogmas of religions and other worldviews, and each religion or ideology claims it is true. Each person nurses a storm of emotions and desires inside him, which are a hurdle in acting rationally. Everyone is entangled in family attachments and social bonds. Everyone is guided by self-interest. Everyone is so caught in the web of wealth and relationships that he does not know what to do or what not to do.

Only someone who can develop objective thinking can realise the truth in such a situation. He should develop the ability to lift and remove the curtains of doubt and see truth as truth and falsehood as falsehood. He should see things as they indeed are. Along with this, he should be able to accept willingly what he knows to be true. If he realises something is right, he should accept it unhesitatingly. Changing the direction of his life, his aim should be to attain self-discovered truth.

The means to remove the curtain of doubts that man is confronted with is just one: knowing and understanding God's creation plan. This creation plan explains things so that all doubts are removed, and the truth is made evident, like the sun appearing bright and shining after the dark clouds have moved away.

After having discovered God, one asks what is God's creation plan for me? According to the Quran, God created an ideal world that was perfect in all respects. He ordained that this ultimate world be inhabited by impeccable ideal human beings. To achieve this target, God first settled man on Earth giving him complete freedom. The present world is a selection ground for this grand project. Here, it is being observed who makes proper use of his freedom and who misuses it. At the end of human history, those who have abused their freedom will be rejected, and those who may have exercised their freedom judiciously will be selected by God and settled in Paradise.

Source: God’s Creation Plan

According to the Creation Plan of the Creator, what is important in this matter is what kind of personality is being nurtured in a man while he experiences different sets of situations. Will it be a God-oriented personality or a self-oriented personality? Just as man has constantly to acquire food in the present world for his physical existence, so also does his spiritual existence require a continual supply of spiritual food. It is this spiritual food which develops in man the God-oriented personality.

Source: The Purpose of Life

Man is a truth-seeking being. I have personally experienced this myself. From childhood, I have desired to search for the truth somehow or the other. In the year 1942, this desire became particularly intense. At that time, my condition was such that I would go off into the wilderness and, in solitude, would cry out, "O God! When will you come? Till when shall I wait for your arrival?"

Finally, I got the answer to this in a tradition of the Prophet. According to this Hadith, God said: "I was a hidden treasure. I wanted to be known. Therefore, I created man." (Kashf al-Khafa by al-'Ajluni: 2016) According to this statement, the purpose of man's existence is to attain a realisation (maarifah) of his Creator. Moreover, as a reward for this realisation, he will be rewarded with a place in eternal Paradise in the Hereafter. The period of man's life before his death is the period to acquire this realisation, and the post-death phase of his life is the period to live a life of comfort and peace in eternal Paradise if he proves eligible for this.

Source: God’s Creation Plan


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