Creation Plan of God

We have our limitations as human beings but our desires are unlimited, aren’t they?

Speaking Tree| TOI | April 2, 2011

Well, we do have enormous desires and these can be fulfilled only in the hereafter. We wrongly try to fulfil all these desires in the present world which was not created for this purpose. We have to be realists; we have to control our desires. And make ourselves worthy of a good life in the hereafter. Trying to fulfil all our desires in this limited world leads to frustration.

Do you think belief in the existence of God is human need?

Speaking Tree | TOI | October 31, 2010

Yes. It’s a human urge to find out the higher truth, and the higher truth is nothing but the but the Creator of our world. Without finding the higher truth, no one can be satisfied. In that sense, God is the need of every human being; there is no doubt about it.

How can we feel the existence of God?

Speaking Tree | TOI | October 31, 2010

It is possible to feel God’s existence through intuition. Of late, science has discovered that there is a unique spot in the human mind- they call it God Spot. The fact is that the consciousness of God is interwoven in the nature of every human being. So, potentially every one possesses this kind of feeling. What is needed is to turn this potential into the actual through deep contemplation.

According to Islam, what is purpose of life?

Speaking Tree | TOI | October 31, 2010


According to Islam, paradise is the goal of every human being. And the purpose of life is to make yourself a deserving candidate in the hereafter.

Why it is difficult of us to accept our limitations?

Speaking Tree | TOI | October 31, 2010


It is because we do not apply our mind and are only guided by emotions. If you apply reason and adopt a rational approach, you are more likely to accept your limitations. Reason will never allow you to ignore limitations.

What is your view on suffering?

Speaking Tree | TOI | October 31, 2010

Suffering is not an evil. There’s a positive side to it. It gives you challenge. It gives incentive to work. It activates one’s mind; so suffering is a blessing in disguise. History shows that many of those who faced hardships and disadvantages emerged as achievers. It is rightly said that it is not ease but effort, not facility but difficulty that makes men.

Why should we exercise restraint over our desires?

The Speaking Tree | Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why should we remember death often?

The Speaking Tree | Sunday, June 27, 2010

Remembering death means to remind ourselves that time is very short. We cannot afford to lose any time. You cannot avoid death, so it is wise to plan your life on the basis of urgency. In fact, remembering death makes you more prompt, efficient, and cautious about your time and energy. You know then that it is ‘now or never’.

What is the Purpose of Creation?

Why was this world made? Why was man born into this world? Why, after a certain period of time, does he pass away? What will happen after death? These are the most important questions concerning the origins and fate of mankind, and they should never be far from people’s minds. Finding the correct answers to these questions has always been one of man’s most important quests.