Creation Plan of God

How can a Man, idealist by nature, lives in this imperfect world so that he may be chosen for Paradise?

This is not a contradiction. As far as your being is concerned, you must live as an idealist. But when you are amidst others, then you should be pragmatic and accommodating. If someone is pragmatic for self-interest, that is evil. But when we realise that we cannot abolish God-given freedom and adjust with that, it is a form of worship. The only point of caution is that it should not be done for one’s vested interests but for disseminating the Word of God.

If patriotism means loyalty towards define borders, is it not better to think of ourselves as global citizens to serve mankind?

This is a romantic idea, which was propounded by Karl Marx. He said that all the labourers of world are united against colonial powers. But when the Second World War took place, all the labourers supported their own country. This is most natural that where I have been brought up and raised, I would love that land more than any other. Global citizenship is therefore an unnatural concept.

Those who have a lot of material attainments lead a more tensed life. Has man been born to live in tension and then die?

The formula is to tell people to adopt contentment (qanaat). Man has unlimited desires and so even when he gets everything, it appears less. In such a scenario, only contentment can be the solution. People live in the psyche of greed (takassur) which is the root cause of tension. They should be extricated from greed-culture and brought to contentment-culture.

Are negative incidents a part of test?

Everything is a test paper. Negative means that if someone provoked you and as a reaction, you became negative. It is of course a part of the test to see, whether you succumb to negativity or not.

Will those who like Mother Teresa, were of high character also go to paradise?

I would like to clarify the meaning of the term ‘character’ in this context. Character in this case refers to divine character. Such a person studies and realises the Creation Plan of God. He leads his life in accordance with it and acts upon it in totality.

If I have discovered Truth, will I never experience frustration?

Speaking Tree| TOI | April 2, 2011


A person who has discovered the truth cannot remain in frustration. If he is living in frustration, it means that he has not discovered the truth. Truth and conviction are inseparable. Like light cannot be separated from the sun. When the sun rises, darkness vanishes. When one discovers the truth, frustration disappears.

It is difficult for us to understand God fully. Because of this, sceptics argue that since there is no certainty about the exist

Speaking Tree | TOI | May 8, 2011

It’s not just about God, man cannot have complete knowledge of anything. All kinds of human knowledge are based on the probability theory; if we accept this criterion for other things, why can’t we do the same for the existence of God?

Can the belief that God is self-existent be explained logically?

Speaking Tree | TOI | May 8, 2011

If you don’t accept the belief that God is self-existent, then you have to believe that the universe is a self-existent phenomenon. Since we cannot take the universe to be self-existent, we have no other alternative but to accept God as a self-existent being.

Why are young more attracted to glamour than knowledge and wisdom?

Speaking Tree| TOI | April 2, 2011

Youth is full of aspirations. One needs to learn the art of controlling one’s desires. Most young people follow their whims and fancies, often with undesirable results. They hanker after things which they think are important in life, but they are mistaken in their belief. Glamour doesn’t last long, but the knowledge they acquire will stand them in good stead all through life.