Introducing Islam

In this book, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan has presented the fundamental teachings of Islam in a simple and lucid style. The book provides the general reader with an accurate and comprehensive picture of Islam—the religion of submission to God. The book consists of the following five sections: The Way to Find God, The Teachings of Islam, The Good Life, The Garden of Paradise and The Fire of Hell. In the first section, it is shown that the true path is the path that God has revealed to mankind through His prophets. The second section provides an introduction to various aspects of the Islamic life under forty-five separate headings. Quranic teachings have been summarized in the third section in words taken from the Quran itself. In the fourth section, the life that makes man worthy of Paradise has been described and in the last section, the life that will condemn him to Hell-fire is described. The book gives a comprehensive introduction to Islam.