What is Marefat or God-realisation?

When I was in my youth age in Azamgarh, I once uttered these words in a state of restlessness: "O God, when will You come? Till when should I wait for You?" At that time, I didn’t even know with depth the meaning of these words. Now when I think, I can understand. After a long search, I realized in the end that the way to attain marefat (God-realization) is through the art of conversion. Whatever is happening in this world is a phenomenon of conversion. Matter converts into sun, moon and the stars. Matter can convert into trees. Matter can also convert into a living human being. All of creation is based on this process of conversion. There is no other process or way. If you reflect on the Quran, you will find two very meaningful words: tadabbur and tawassum. (15:75, 47:24)

What is tadabbur and what is tawassum?
Tadabbur means to convert the literal meaning of the verses of the Quran into a deeper meaning. Tadabbur is conversion of literal meaning into a deeper meaning. What is tawassum? Tawassum is to convert non-spiritual items into spiritual items. When you can convert literal meaning into deep meaning, and non-spiritual items into spiritual items, the doors to marefat will open up to you. This is my discovery. When you use the word 'marefat', it is in the sense of a high level of marefat. If you seek a high level of marefat, you should develop this art in yourself. This is the art of conversion. There is no other way. There is no specific practice or personality that will help you attain this. Of the various practices that people have developed, there is no relation to marefat. The secret to marefat is the art of conversion. 

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