The Role of Islam in Personality Development

In a Hadith the teaching is that you consider every interaction with others as an interaction with God. The words used in the Hadith are symbolic otherwise this Hadith guides us towards the character of a believer. A person who treats every human interaction as an interaction with God then such a person will not commit any excess in his behaviour. The Islamic principle highlighted here is that if a person wants to find God, he shall first have to make himself deserving of this by serving others. This paves his way to spiritual progress. Only those who have elevated themselves spiritually will find God. This culture of mercy and compassion approved by God is not limited to human beings, but extends also to the animal world. We must be equally sympathetic to animals. The Hadith gives us many guidelines laid down by God on how to care for all of God’s creatures and treat them with kindness. Cruelty to animals risks being deprived of God’s mercy.

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