The Issue of Blasphemy

It is generally held that Islam prescribes capital punishment for those who commit blasphemy, that is, using abusive language against the Prophet of Islam. However, this is entirely untrue. According to Islam, blasphemy is simply a misuse of freedom and not a cognisable offence; the blasphemer is not liable to incur legal punishment. This kind of law has no basis in Islamic scriptures. If someone uses abusive language against the Prophet, Muslims must take it as a case of misunderstanding and then try to remove this misunderstanding in peaceful ways. They must do so by engaging in discussion or by providing the ‘blasphemer’ with Islamic literature that gives the actual image of the Prophet of Islam. This notion of killing in the name of blasphemy is itself haram or forbidden. As a part of His creation plan, God has granted freedom to people, and no one can take away this freedom. While exercising one’s freedom of expression, the only condition should be that one does not resort to violence.

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