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Man has been created in his final shape. Yet we find human life in this world imperfect to an extreme degree. It is marred by all kinds of evil. This dualism in one and the same universe demands as a logical necessity that this contradiction be brought to an end. Man should also attain to a perfect life as does the rest of the world. Yet this difference is not an evil. In fact, it is in accord with God’s creation plan. God, according to His plan of creation has made a totally perfect world called paradise. But the entry to this world is not open to all, being on a selective basis. It is only those who, in their life before death, come up to the standard of the citizenship of paradise, who will be granted an abode in this perfect world of paradise. This paradise, which is hidden from our eyes due to the exigencies of man’s trial, has been created for man alone. However, entry to this world of paradise has been restricted. Entry will be given only to those pure souls who have brought with them the necessary qualification. This paradise has been brought into existence in the world after death. The stage before death is one of preparation, and the stage after death is that of reward commensurate with this preparation.

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