The Concept of Paradise and Hell

I have not seen anything as dreadful as the Fire whose evader is asleep and anything as desirable as Paradise whose seeker is asleep.

(Prophet Muhammad)

WHY is it that people do not flee from something so undesirable as Hell? And why is it that they do not make something so desirable as Heaven their aim and destination? It is because of being neglectful. This neglect is because of people’s tendency to concern themselves only with what they can see externally. As a result of this, their minds are not awakened. They remain ignorant of realities they ought to be aware of.

In terms of the reality of life, human beings ought to think, first and foremost, of what is the way to lead a successful life according to God’s creation plan. There is no other way to make one’s life successful.

According to God’s creation plan, a successful person is he who, after the completion of his time here in this world, is declared eligible for Paradise in the Hereafter. In contrast, failure is when someone finishes his term in this world and arrives in the Hereafter only to find the angels of Hell ready to arrest him.

This is the greatest issue facing mankind. No person can afford to be unconcerned about it. This is the reality referred to in the above-cited Hadith.

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